Maximize your parent-time, custody, and other parental rights by allowing Felt Family Law in Ogden, UT to handle your child custody and support disputes. No matter your situation, we could provide you with personalized legal services.

The truth is no two legal cases are quite the same. This is because each parent-child relationship is one of a kind. If you are considering or already served in a Child Custody case, call Felt Family Law for help and advice. We will help you thoroughly check documents, and we could assist you in understanding and making sound decisions about pursuing and protecting your rights as a parent and maximizing the best interests of your child.


Normally, a separated couple would each have full legal rights to their children. But, when the parent’s cannot agree, or where one parent is unfit or unreasonable, the Court steps in to assign custody based on the best interest of the child. If you need to serve or have been served a Petition for custody order, reach out to us. We can be with you every step of the way, guiding you throughout the confusing process.


These include:

  • Primary Custody
  • Parent-Time and Exchanges
  • Holidays
  • Child Support
  • Access to School and Medical Information
  • Co-Parenting and Relocation Ground Rules
  • Decision-Making Authority

Our team knows child custody. Regardless of the situation, our team can help you gain a better understanding of your legal rights and obligations. Depending on your child’s unique situation, we could also assist you in modifying your custody from a previous Court Order.


Custody proceedings are required in every divorce whenever minor children are involved. Dozens of co-parenting and statutory details must be discussed and resolved between the parents, or by the court. At Felt Family Law, we look ten or fifteen years into the future to help parents anticipate and resolve potential issues, before they become problems.

We works hard to avoid unnecessary costs and drama throughout the custody process – looking for realistic and reasonable settlement options that keep the children’s needs and best interests in mind.

Our aim is to help you anticipate and resolve co-parenting issues and avoid unnecessary costs and emotional toll of taking custody and co-parenting to trial.


Even if you and your partner are not married, you are entitled to the same parental rights as married or divorcing parents. Before a court order is issued, both parents have full, complete legal rights to the child. Most often, requesting a Custody Decree from the Court is very important to safeguard and assert your parental rights.

If your child’s other parent is denying or interfering with your parent-time, or if they refuse to pay their financial share to help support the child, give us a call. We will help determine your rights as a parent and, if needed, help assert your rights in court.


When a mother wrongfully refuses to recognize the biological father of her child, the biological father must act quickly. If the father’s name is not added to the birth certificate, he may lose fundamental parenting rights.

Felt Family Law, in Ogden Utah, helps fathers who have been refused their paternal rights to gain legal recognition of their paternity and to assert their parental rights. But you must act now.

If you are a biological father and need to assert your paternity or paternal rights, call today for an appointment with Attorney Jonathan Felt. He will discuss your unique situation in depth, help you determine your rights, and help you pursue your rights as a father.


The law is clear. Same-sex parents have the same rights in Utah as all Utah parents. Even still, same-sex Divorces and custody disputes often pose unique challenges. If you are in a custody dispute from a same-sex marriage or relationship, you need an attorney who understands the ins and outs of a same-sex parent custody dispute.

Attorney Jonathan Felt has experience litigating custody between same-sex and transgender parents. He understands the legal and societal complexities involved. Call today for an appointment to discuss with Jonathan how he can help protect your parental rights.


Do you have a custody order already in place, but the other parent refuses to follow it? Call us now. We can help you enforce the Court’s decision by filing an Order to Show Cause.

If you need to file an Order to Show Cause, or if one has been filed against you, call now to set up an appointment with Attorney Jonathan Felt. He will discuss the situation, help you enforce the judgment of the Court, and help you fully enjoy your parental rights.


Jonathan Felt is your trusted custody attorney, trained Utah Domestic Mediator, and former Middle School Teacher. He understands the law and has vast experience in custody process and cases, so you can count on him to handle your issue. Jonathan knows how keep negotiations friendly and professional while still focusing on the needs and best interests of your children. Also, he has the skill to simplify the process and explain your rights and options in plain English (not legalease). This way, you can make better decisions about your legal issues.

Jonathan focuses on divorce and custody cases, which sets him apart from the many other attorneys who practice several areas of law. Because he is a former middle school teacher and youth coach, he understands the needs and issues related to your children, including issues that can arise many years in the future. In addition, he has mediation training and trial experience. Whether you need to reestablish your custody rights, to protect yourself and your child from unreasonable actions of the other party, or to navigate the process of mediation and litigation, Jonathan is the right attorney to call.

Schedule an appointment with our attorney today to receive advice and other legal services related to custody, parenting time, and child support. Let us create new solutions for your family law-related disputes instead of giving up your rights.

Contact us today, and we’ll help you get through the custody process. Whether your case is hotly contested or friendly, talk to us. Let us help protect your parental rights and look out for your children’s best interests.