Divorce Lawyer Ogden, UT

Divorce Lawyer Ogden, UT

It is important – when either contemplating whether divorce is the right choice for you or moving forward with a divorce or legal separation – to seek experienced legal guidance from a trusted Ogden, UT divorce lawyer at Felt Family Law & Mediation as soon as you possibly can. If you’ve reached the point at which you are even seriously contemplating divorce, you need to understand your rights, options, and how to prepare in the event that you choose to move forward with this process. Why is it so important to be proactive when it comes to divorce planning? A failure to “see” well into the future and the “bigger picture” could cause you to begin your newly single life in ways that are less financially stable and more stressful than they could otherwise be.

Divorce Lawyer – Ogden, UT

At Felt Family Law & Mediation, our Ogden, UT divorce lawyer team and support staff believe in advocating for our clients’ with the highest possible regard for integrity, dedication, and attention to detail. When attend a risk-free, confidential consultation at our office, we’ll explain both our approach to client representation in detail and we’ll provide you with answers to any questions you may currently have. You’ll leave your consultation empowered by the results of our objective legal advice, which will allow you to make informed decisions about your situation in your own time.

Preparing to Divide Your Marital Assets

In anticipation of your consultation – if you can – take some time to put together a list of your marital assets. List all major forms of property, retirement assets, insurance policies, financial accounts, intellectual property, and any other assets that you have acquired during the course of your marriage. Then, list the rough value of each. Then, take some time to consider which assets are most important to you. Are you determined to remain in your marital home? Is there sentimental property that you aren’t willing to compromise about during your divorce negotiations? Making this list and taking notes about your priorities will help us to give you personalized guidance about how to prepare to divide your marital assets in the event of divorce.

Divorce is not something couples hope to have to go through when they get married, but unfortunately sometimes that is the only option left even though it not a fun process. The first step to take is to speak with an Ogden divorce lawyer about the details of your situation during a confidential consultation. During your consultation your lawyer will explain your options, answer your questions, provide legal advice, and discuss the next steps depending on how you want to move forward. There will be some state law requirements to meet for divorce that will determine some of your immediate first steps, as your lawyer will explain, but likely you will be filing the initial paperwork and determining the grounds for your divorce. 

There are many complexities to the divorce process and almost every situation is unique in some way. Although a lawyer is not required, it is highly recommended to have professional and experienced representation from a divorce lawyer, like our lawyers here at Felt Family Law, who will provide legal advice, file paperwork on your behalf, protect your assets as much as possible, represent you and your interests, and more. There really is no replacement for the assistance of an attorney when you are going though a legal situation like divorce since they have the experience and knowledge needed.

If you’re able to keep your divorce out of court it may help it go through faster, be less emotionally draining, have a more predictable outcome for division of property, be less costly, etc. It is still recommended to have your lawyer present during mediation to ensure your interests are protected and represented, but it will provide you and your ex the chance to discuss, compromise, and possible even agree on the separation of property. However, if you go through the court, you will have less control over the division of assets and the unpredictability of court decisions could leave you with more stress and less of the assets.

In short, as soon as possible. If you are even just considering divorce you would be wise to seek the council of an Ogden divorce lawyer so that you have the opportunity to discuss how to prepare for divorce early on. There may be some strategies for divorce that your lawyer can explain that are only an option if you start working with an experienced lawyer early in the divorce process, or even before it officially begins. Even if you decide not to pursue a divorce after meeting with a lawyer, you will have the legal advice you need to consider your options and make informed decisions.

There are multiple factors that are considered when determining alimony, such as prenup agreement details (if applicable), income of both spouses, standard of living during the marriage, earning potential of each spouse, length of the marriage, financial resources available to each spouse, and many more. The amount of alimony that you could receive, or must pay, can vary greatly depending on your situation and the factors above. Speaking with one of our lawyers will help you determine what to expect concerning alimony as part of your divorce.

Legal Assistance Is Available

Whether you are certain that you are divorcing your spouse or you could simply benefit from some information about the process in the event that you are unable to reconcile your differences, the experienced Utah legal team at Felt Family Law & Mediation is here to help. Although our firm offers mediation services – and is proud to do so – we understand that this approach to divorce isn’t the best fit for everyone. Therefore, whether you hope to negotiate a settlement, mediate your differences, or pursue successful divorce litigation, our legal team can provide you with the support and guidance that you require. Please schedule a confidential, risk-free consultation with a trusted Ogden, UT divorce lawyer at our firm today; we look forward to speaking with you.