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Ogden, UT Guardianship LawyerA guardianship lawyer Ogden, UT communities can rely on from Felt Family Law & Mediation will work as your advocate and help you navigate the guardianship process. We will be able to answer any questions you may have about the process, assist with paperwork, and assist with collection of relevant documentation that is required by the process. Having a guardianship lawyer will help ensure the best outcome of your case. Contact a guardianship lawyer today to set up an initial consultation where we will discuss your case, and answer any questions you may have about guardianship in Utah.

What is legal guardianship?

The guardianship of minor children means that the court appoints responsible adults other than the children’s parents to have the legal power to make decisions about the lives of minor children.

Who is eligible to be a legal guardian?

Guardians refer to adults, people 18 years of age or older, and other people except the child’s parents. They are recognized by the court as the person in charge and act in the best interests of the minor. Once appointed by the court, the guardian is responsible for the physical care and custody of the child and almost all decisions, including health care, education, housing, social and other activities, and financial matters. Court orders may limit the guardian’s decision-making power.

What does a guardianship lawyer do?

For the best outcome of your case, the guardianship lawyer will be able to help you prepare the technical documents required for your application. They can also explain to the court why guardianship is needed and why you are eligible to be appointed as the guardian of the ward. If you are represented by an experienced guardianship lawyer, you are most likely to get a favorable result. 

If you wish to be appointed as a guardian, it is recommended that you seek the services of an experienced guardianship lawyer Ogden, UT residents trust and has knowledge in the guardianship process. The process of establishing guardianship can be complicated. 

What makes a good guardianship lawyer?

Guardianship cases require the assistance of a guardian-specific attorney.  These cases may involve the reward and/or potential removal of an individual’s rights. An experienced guardianship attorney will take a personal approach to your case, and will take the necessary time to educate you about the procedures and your rights, and represent you and your interests at every point throughout the process.

These cases often involve specific requirements and a significant amount of paperwork.  An experienced lawyer that specializes in the process of legal guardianship will be able to help you with these issues and represent you in court.

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