Divorce & Annulments

Divorce & Annulments

Legal Services for Your Divorce or Annulment Cases in Ogden, UT

Ending a marriage is reported by many as the most difficult experience of their life, next to death of a loved one. Divorce often will drain you emotionally, and it can damage your relationships with your extended family and loved ones. Without an informed, experienced lawyer by your side, you could end up spending a lot of money and achieve poor case results.

Before you serve Divorce or Annulment papers, or if you have been served, make sound decisions by working with our team at Felt Family Law in Ogden, UT. We can provide you with sound legal advice and excellent representation to help you avoid giving up too much or making costly mistakes with life-long consequences.

"Simple" Divorce

Divorce process is rarely easy. No matter how simple a divorce may be, it still requires long, complicated paperwork. To ensure that you've included all important details, and you've left no sections unanswered, you need our attorney with a keen eye for detail to thoroughly check your paperwork. Simple mistakes or omissions can bring you back to court and cost you thousands of dollars or more in the future. It pays, like good insurance, to have a legal review before filing even the most "simple" of divorce matters.

Our team knows the dos and don'ts in the divorce process. When you rely on Felt Family Law, we will guide you every step of the way. We work to not only protect your rights but also recommend options and opportunities to reduce the costs and burdens of the divorce process. To find out how we can help resolve in your Divorce, call us.

We will do the following:

  • Discuss Your Legal Rights
  • Determine the Best Possible Legal Options for You
  • Help You Draft and File Required Documents
  • Help You Resolve Custody and Parenting Time Issues
  • Help You Equally Divide Accounts, Properties, and Assets

Contested Divorce

When both parties strongly disagree with each other, divorce can turn ugly. For contested divorce, you should choose an attorney who has extensive knowledge of the law and your rights. This way, you will increase your odds of receiving a favorable outcome in mediation or decision from the Court.

At Felt Family Law, we can help you settle legal disputes that are preventing you from starting over or moving to the next chapter of your life. Our team has a deep understanding of the industry, and we have learned how the court tends to decide in different types of cases.

We want to help you avoid the tremendous expenses and emotional toll that come with taking a case all the way to trial, so we focus on looking for realistic and reasonable mediation and settlement options.

Divorce at Trial

Taking a contested divorce all the way to trial costs thousands, often tens of thousands of dollars. A divorce trial takes a tremendous emotional toll on the parties, on their friends and families, and on any children that are involved. Fortunately, the vast majority of divorces settle before going all the way to trial.

If taking your Divorce to trial cannot be avoided, we are prepared to stand with you-defending and asserting your rights in court. Some of the ways we could help include:

  • Gather Evidence
  • Select and Prepare Witnesses
  • Organize and Optimize Your Case
  • Prepare Defenses and Counterarguments
  • Recruit and Manage Expert Witnesses


If you have not been married long, if your marriage was never legal, or if your marriage never would have happened if you knew all the facts, you may be entitled to an annulment.

Annulments have several advantages and disadvantages compared to divorce. Contact our attorney Jonathon Felt at Felt Family Law, in Ogden Utah, if you may qualify for an annulment or would like to know more.

Meet Our Divorce Attorney

Meet Our Divorce Attorney

Jonathan Felt is a divorce attorney, a former middle school teacher, and a trained Utah domestic mediator. He is well informed about the laws, processes, and rights concerning divorce, annulment, and other family-related disputes.

If you want to keep your divorce as simple and friendly as possible, rely on Jonathan today. He is a seasoned family law attorney, so he knows ways to avoid dramas, keep down the costs, as well as maintain and facilitate smooth and respectful negotiations. Additionally, he can use his creative problem-solving and negotiation skills to resolve issues without sacrificing your rights.

Jonathan has trial experience , and he focuses his practice mostly on divorce and custody issues. To easily navigate Divorce litigation process, call us. We will help you prepare your case, whether for mediation, negotiation, settlement or trial.

Contact us today, and we'll guide you through the confusing process of divorce and annulment regardless if the case is simple, contested, or will head to trial.