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A prenuptial agreement may seem unromantic to some, but this document can lay the foundation for a happy and successful marriage. While nobody plans to divorce or separate when saying their vows, nobody can predict exactly what the future holds. If you want to protect your future by securing financial interests and personal property, then consider the benefits of devising a prenuptial agreement. Our team at Felt Family Law & Mediation can handle a variety of family law matters, such as prenuptial agreements. If you are interested in learning more, contact our Logan, UT prenup lawyer when you are ready. 

What Prenups Do

Prenuptial agreements are not just for the rich and people with fame. These documents can be used by anyone, as the goal is to establish clear expectations for those who are about to enter legal union. A prenup can protect property so that your spouse will not receive it if you divorce. It also separates your business from the union, and can safeguard other interests, such as investments and retirement accounts. A prenup can divide up assets in the event of divorce, describe the obligations and rights of each spouse, what spousal support would entail, and decisions about parents for children (schooling, healthcare, religion, etc). A prenup has to be finished before marriage. If you are already married and want to create a similar type of document with your spouse, you could write a postnuptial agreement instead. Having a prenup can prevent a costly divorce, provides peace of mind, and avoids lengthy litigation if divorce happens in the future. 

Marriage Planning

Despite prenuptial agreements getting a bad reputation at times, it can actually be a useful tool for marriage planning. Prenuptial agreements are intended to define and protect what each person values and has accumulated for themselves prior to the marriage. Understandably, many couples and families may feel uncomfortable with the idea of planning for the end of a marriage, especially when they have yet to celebrate it. Some worry that asking for a prenup will offend a loved one or impart a negative view onto their soon to be marriage. Ultimately, part of marriage planning may include writing a prenuptial agreement that satisfies both parties. To hear more about establishing a prenuptial, contact our knowledgeable prenup attorney today. 

Felt Family Law & Mediation

Even though prenuptial agreements may be frowned upon by some, this document can be what gives two people relief and ease as they enter a marriage union together. Prenups can be useful in marriage planning, warding against potential future problems, and ensuring that what each person has built so far in their life won’t be taken away from them if the unexpected occurs. If you want to know if devising a prenuptial agreement will benefit you and your future spouse, contact Felt Family Law & Mediation as soon as you are ready. Our UT prenup attorney can provide compassionate wisdom and insight as you create a document that works for the both of you. We are ready to offer counsel today.