Protective Orders are available in Utah to help couples, roommates, and family members protect themselves against abuse or violence from the other person. Although a protective order is easy to file (go to the Courthouse and fill out a form) there is actually a lot that should be considered before a protective order is filed. Is there enough proof to warrant a permanent protective order? Who will stay at the property, and who will leave? If children are involved, what will happen with custody and parent time?

There can be downsides to filing for protective order. Sometimes there is not enough evidence to make one stick, and the other person can feel like the “got away with it” or that they did nothing wrong in the first place if the protective order gets dismissed, even on a technicality. Are there other options that are better suited to your particular situation? How do you prepare for court to make your best case?

If a protective order has been filed against you, then you definitely want to talk to an attorney about what options you have and how to best defend yourself against any false or exaggerated allegations. Do not wait. Contact an attorney right away.

Our attorneys at Felt Family Law have experience both prosecuting and defending against civil protective orders. We have experience resolving the conflicts often behind protective orders, and we can help guide you through your case to the optimal outcome for the circumstances.