Uncontested Divorce Lawyer Ogden, UT

Uncontested Divorce Lawyer Ogden, UT

If you are hoping to resolve your divorce case without compelling a judge to decide the fate of your assets, child custody arrangements, and divorce agreement generally, connect with an experienced Ogden, UT uncontested divorce lawyer at Felt Family Law & Mediation to learn more about the uncontested divorce opportunities available to you.

Uncontested Divorce Lawyer – Ogden, UT

There are, essentially, two primary avenues to divorce if you are a resident of Utah. First, there is the traditional “contested” approach to divorce, in which spouses must seek judicial intervention in order to resolve their differences. The alternative approach is an uncontested divorce. It is important to understand that the phrase “uncontested divorce” means different things in different jurisdictions. In some states, an uncontested divorce is a fast-tracked approach that can only be taken by couples who have been together for a limited time, have no minor children, and agree on all of the terms of their divorce arrangement.

In Utah, the term “uncontested divorce” is used in a more liberal way – to mean, essentially, any divorce proceeding that doesn’t require judicial intervention before it reaches a resolution.  

The Ins and Outs of Uncontested Divorce

When you meet with an experienced and trusted Ogden, UT uncontested divorce lawyer at Felt Family Law & Mediation, you’ll learn about the different approaches to the divorce process available to you at this time. Once you discuss your needs, priorities, and goals for your divorce with our team, we’ll provide you with objective feedback concerning whether an uncontested approach to divorce may be right for you.

There are a few ways of navigating an uncontested divorce process. If you and your spouse agree on all the property division and child custody arrangements (if applicable) related to your circumstances, you can take notes on your agreement and we will help you formalize and finalize it. If you and your spouse need to work out some of your differences but you hope to keep a judge’s intervention out of your process, we can negotiate and/or mediate your disagreements until you and your spouse either reach an agreement or an impasse. If an agreement is reached, we’ll file a stipulation and other required documentation with the court on our way to finalizing your divorce decree.

Reasons You May Choose an Uncontested Divorce

As we mentioned, an uncontested divorce can be simpler to deal with than taking your case to court. You should never try to go through the divorce process without a lawyer at all, but if you and your soon-to-be ex spouse seem to agree on all of the big things that have to do with the divorce, this route may be the best to take. Here are some of the benefits to doing an uncontested divorce: 

  • There is typically less drama involved in uncontested divorces. You do not need to fight your ex spouse on every little decision and a lawyer will be able to mediate and help find favorable outcomes to each of the parties involved. 
  • Uncontested divorce can be less expensive. Because you do not have a lot of issues to work out, you do not have to worry about having extensive legal help. An uncontested divorce lawyer from Felt Family Law & Mediation will know how to go through this process quickly and with ease. We know the right questions to ask each party and how to help work out everything in a way both parties feel good about. 
  • You do not need to go through a nasty court case in an uncontested divorce. Since you and your ex spouse agree on many of the important things, you do not need to worry about sorting out any enormous disagreements. This makes the process much smoother. You do not need to fight for every last thing in court and can try to work things out in a civil way. 

Overall, an uncontested divorce is typically much simpler and less complicated to deal with than the regular divorce process. It may not be right for everyone, but it is certainly a good option for those who are able to do the process this way. 

Speak to a Lawyer About What the Right Option Is for You 

Do you not know what kind of divorce may be right for you? You can set up a consultation to speak about how an uncontested divorce works and whether it might be a good option for you and your soon-to-be ex spouse. Your lawyer can explain the benefits of both types of divorce and help determine what may be the right route to go in. It is always worth speaking to a lawyer by yourself so that he or she can see if an uncontested divorce would work well for you and your ex. Your lawyer will be open and honest about the pros and cons of each type of divorce. What is right for one couple may not be the best decision for another. Divorce is a very personal decision and there are so many things at play that you need to make sure that your rights and best interests are protected. This means you need to have a lawyer who will provide the best support for you. 

Legal Assistance Is Available

Whether you are committed to an uncontested divorce process, you are unsure of which approach is right for you, or even whether you will ultimately go through with the divorce process, it is a good idea to schedule a risk-free consultation with the experienced Utah legal team at Felt Family Law & Mediation sooner rather than later. The divorce process is notoriously stressful, even under the best of circumstances. Being proactive about your situation can help to ensure that you make healthy, informed decisions that will affect your future for the better – whatever your future may look like. If you haven’t yet scheduled a confidential case evaluation with a dedicated Ogden, UT uncontested divorce lawyer at our firm, please do so today; we look forward to speaking with you.