PerceptiveX Celebrates Jonathan Felt with Cover Story Spotlight

Felt Family Law & Mediation is thrilled to announce its feature in the digital magazine PerceptiveX, known for its insightful approach to showcasing stories that resonate deeply with its audience. The magazine’s focus on noticing the nuanced and often overlooked aspects aligns with our firm’s philosophy and approach to family law and mediation.

Attorney Jonathan L. Felt, an esteemed Ogden, UT divorce lawyer, founded Felt Family Law & Mediation. He works to minimize conflict in family disputes, with a unique approach centered on reducing heartache not only for the families involved but also for their communities. Jonathan and his team are redefining family law practice. The firm, established in 2016 in the historic Ben Lomond Hotel in Ogden, Utah, has since expanded its reach with a new branch in Syracuse, Utah. This strategic expansion caters to the growing needs of one of Utah’s fastest-growing towns, significantly enhancing the firm’s ability to serve more families.

Jonathan’s background as a teacher and his profound love for children inform his practice, allowing him to deeply understand the best interests of children in family legal cases. This sensitivity, combined with a focus on family-first legal services, sets Felt Family Law & Mediation apart. The firm’s commitment to prioritizing families and serving the community is evident in every aspect of its operations.

One of the key aspects of the firm’s success has been Jonathan’s understanding of the importance of sales and marketing in the legal profession. His dedication to learning and applying these principles has transformed the firm into a highly successful enterprise. The philosophy that ‘winning’ in family law means fighting less and prioritizing early dispute resolution and reasonable settlements has been a cornerstone of the firm’s approach.

Felt Family Law & Mediation stands out for its core values, which emphasize service over profit and maintaining strong community ties. The firm’s approach to family law is unique, focusing on reducing the financial and emotional strain of legal disputes, thereby preserving relationships and resources for families.

Jonathan’s commitment to community service is extensive. His roles have ranged from teaching and military service to leadership positions within the legal community, including serving as the Utah Bar Dispute Resolution Section President and Weber County Bar President. His numerous awards, including the ABA national Top 40 Young Lawyer, Top Family Law Firm in Layton, UT, and the Claus Nobel Educator of Distinction award, reflect his dedication to his profession and the community.

Besides his professional pursuits, Jonathan’s passion for music and the arts, evidenced by his involvement in musical theater, adds another dimension to his multifaceted personality. This blend of professional excellence, community service, and personal interests makes Jonathan Felt a remarkable figure in the field of family law and mediation.

Jonathan’s educational journey and experience in the U.S. Air Force, along with his extensive training in mediation and dispute resolution, form the bedrock of his expertise. His academic achievements and various roles in the military and as a teacher underline his commitment to service and excellence.

Felt Family Law & Mediation’s profile in PerceptiveX highlights not only the firm’s innovative approach to family law and mediation but also Jonathan Felt’s exemplary dedication to his clients, community, and personal growth. The firm’s expansion, client-centric approach, and commitment to reducing conflict in family disputes set a new standard in family law practice. We at Felt Family Law & Mediation are honored by this recognition and remain committed to serving families with integrity, compassion, and expertise.

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"Words can’t explain how easy my custody process went. Johnathan is extremely helpful with his team, they got back to me right away when I reached out. He was honest about my situation and took care of everything! Proud and glad to have him represent me. I am now reunified with my son after 5 long years!!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"
Amber Montoya
Client Review

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