6 Things Your Lawyer Wishes You Knew

6 Things Your Lawyer Wishes You Knew

Lawyers often appear shrouded in an aura of authority and mystery, wielding legal knowledge like a superpower. But behind the scenes, the reality is more nuanced. Here are 6 things your lawyer wishes you knew.

  1. We Feel the Stress Too. Contrary to popular belief, lawyers aren’t immune to pressure. Deadlines loom, cases demand meticulous attention, and client expectations can weigh heavily. While we strive to project composure, the stress is real, and understanding that can foster empathy and patience.
  2. Long Hours are (Often) the Norm: Justice rarely adheres to a 9-to-5 schedule. Research, drafting, court appearances, and client communication can bleed into nights and weekends. Recognizing the time commitment we invest can help manage expectations and appreciate the dedication behind the scenes.
  3. Law is Local: While legal principles share common threads, each state has its own unique laws and interpretations. While your lawyer might be an expert in their jurisdiction, venturing into different legal landscapes requires additional research and collaboration with local counsel or even another license. Trust their expertise within their boundaries, and be open to collaboration when venturing beyond them.
  4. We’re Not Miracle Workers: A lawyer, like a family lawyer, possesses legal knowledge and experience, but cannot guarantee specific outcomes. The legal system is intricate, and factors beyond our control can influence results. Clear communication and realistic expectations are crucial for fostering a productive client-lawyer relationship.
  5. Communication is Key: The more you share, the better we understand your case and objectives. Don’t hesitate to ask questions, clarify doubts, and express your concerns. Open communication builds trust and ensures we’re aligned on the best course of action. And yes, we know when you are holding back. 
  6. We’re People Too: Just like you, we have lives outside the courtroom. While your case is important, respecting our personal time fosters a healthier working relationship and ultimately benefits your case. Respecting that we actually do something away from the office is important – and makes us feel like you see us more than as a lawyer-robot. 

Trust That Your Lawyer Is On Your Side

Our friends at Flat Fee Divorce Solutions know that behind the scenes, lawyers engage in a myriad of tasks aimed at advocating for their clients. Research is a cornerstone, delving into case law, statutes, and legal precedents to formulate robust arguments. Document drafting is meticulous, ensuring contracts, pleadings, and motions are precise and comprehensive. Strategizing involves analyzing opposing arguments and devising countermeasures. Negotiations demand finesse, leveraging legal knowledge to secure favorable outcomes. Client counseling entails explaining legal complexities and guiding decision-making. Preparation for trials or hearings involves witness interviews, evidence gathering, and courtroom strategy. Ultimately, lawyers work tirelessly, often unseen, to safeguard clients’ rights and pursue justice on their behalf. If you would like to learn more about what a lawyer might do behind the scenes of your case or if you would like to set up a consultation, get in touch with a local law office. Your case deserves to be in the best hands.

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"Words can’t explain how easy my custody process went. Johnathan is extremely helpful with his team, they got back to me right away when I reached out. He was honest about my situation and took care of everything! Proud and glad to have him represent me. I am now reunified with my son after 5 long years!!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"
Amber Montoya
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