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If you or a loved one is afraid for your safety, you need to contact a protective order lawyer in Ogden, Utah from Felt Family Law & Mediation as soon as possible. We understand what needs to be done both short and long term to make sure you are safe from someone who could potentially harm you. There are laws in place protecting victims of domestic violence and general threats that we will cite to help get approval for your protective order. Making sure you are safe will be our top priority. Call to set up a consultation right away. You want to act with haste so you can begin living your life again without being in fear. 

Who can you file a protective order against?

Thankfully, the relationship with the person you want to file a protective order against does not matter. You can file it against someone who is in your family, a former friend, a coworker, or someone who you are reasonably afraid of that may be even a stranger. You need to have a strong reason to file a protective order against someone. For example, domestic abuse situations often end with a protective order being filed. An experienced protective order lawyer from Felt Family Law & Mediation will know whether you may be able to file an order and how to go about doing this. 

What happens if someone violates a protective order?

If the person you have a protective order against violates the judge’s order, you need to contact your lawyer right away. If you feel threatened, you should absolutely contact the police before doing anything else. Next, always contact your lawyer to see if there is anything you can do to keep this person away from you. You deserve to feel safe and be able to go about your day without worrying about someone coming to potentially harm you. 

How should you proceed if someone files a protective order against you?

Having a protective order filed against you is incredibly serious. It will affect your relationships, where you are able to live, and even your work life. You need to make sure you hire a lawyer to protect your freedoms as soon as possible. A lawyer will be able to determine if this protective order is valid or not and whether it is something you can fight. 

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If you are afraid of someone and not able to live your life normally, you need to speak with a protective order lawyer in Ogden, UT from Felt Family Law & Mediation right away. He or she will look at your case in great detail and be able to determine if you should move forward in seeking a protective order. This can help you get back to feeling safe and secure and offer a sense of security anywhere you go. If the person you have a protective order against has violated it in any way, you need to speak with your lawyer. You may be eligible for damages as well as solidifying the protective order for the long term. Contact our office today to learn more.