Resolve your family law cases through mediation or litigation with Felt Family Law in Ogden, Utah. We offer personalized, practical solutions to your specific case and situation.

Our attorney has an extensive knowledge and experience in Utah's divorce and family law arena. He understands your rights. Regardless of the complexity of your case, you can trust our team to effectively negotiate with the other party and represent your best interests in court.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to help families immediately resolve their legal disputes. To achieve this, we provide sound legal advice, creative solutions, and zealous advocacy.

Our Core Values

Our team places high importance on legal scholarship, dependable service, and zealous advocacy. Effective attorneys rigorously research and stay current on the newest laws. Top attorneys should also be trustworthy and compassionate, especially when working with families. They work hard to protect and defend their clients' rights.


Going through a divorce is emotionally exhausting and expensive. It puts strain on your relationships. Preserve what you hold most dear and prevent unequal distribution of assets with our help. Our attorney is skilled in mediation and litigation. He will provide you with sound legal advice. Whether you or your spouse has filed, or if you are thinking about filing, you need sound advice, to know your rights.Our attorney will guide you through Utah's complex divorce and custody laws, keep your costs under control, and help you achieve favorable results.

Custody & Parental Rights

To fully exercise, defend, or assert your parental rights, work with an attorney who knows the law and understands how courts decide on various situations. Every custody battle is different, and the facts of each case are unique. If you need help with paternity, custody, or other parental rights, count on Felt Family Law to help resolve them. We can help you navigate the details of your case. Our attorney focuses on custody issues day in and out, and he will help identify and avoid potential missteps and pitfalls in your custody case.

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Settle disputes of divorce, child custody, and more without giving up your rights, by turning to our team at Felt Family Law. We stay current with the latest family laws, and we are skilled in negotiation. No matter the case, our attorney will use his good problem-solving skills to provide the most suitable legal services.

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