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Divorce. It happens all the time, and many people assume that it’s the easy way out of a troubled marriage. Unfortunately, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Divorces can be lengthy, costly, and painful for everyone involved, and they should always be a last resort.

If you suspect your spouse is planning a divorce – or you think you need a divorce, you need know the real cost. As a divorce lawyer like our friends at the Winfrey Law Firm, PLLC can explain, it’s important to understand how a divorce can affect you and your loved ones. Read on to see what makes a divorce so complicated, and see how you can make it simpler.

Assets Will be Divided

You’ve worked hard to build your life. Unfortunately, when it comes to a divorce, all the products of your hard work hangs in the balance. Whether you have priceless collections, multiple properties, or just heirlooms that you’ve been holding onto for the next generation, it’s all on the table if you’re going through a divorce.

Sadly, in many divorces the division of assets isn’t quite fair. Why should your spouse get your house, your cars, and most of your possessions when you were the one doing all the work? It’s important to get in touch with a lawyer who can help you hold on to as much as possible.

Your Relationship with Your Kids is at Stake

Divorces almost always turn ugly when children and money are involved. Of course, if you and your spouse are splitting up, you’ll have to come to an agreement on child visitation and child support. This can be difficult for you and your spouse, and potentially even traumatic for your kids. If you and your spouse can’t come to an agreement about child custody, it’s up to the court to decide who gets what.

In some cases, a divorced couple can cooperate to put the wellbeing of their kids before their own personal gain in a divorce. Joint custody is possible, but it’s up to your lawyers to prove that you’re both willing to help with making sure your child is raised right. Otherwise, one of you will get custody, and the other will only have visitation rights.

If you want to see your children as often as possible, it’s important to prepare accordingly. The right lawyer can make all the difference, but if you want your divorce battle to go smoothly, you’ll also have to prove that you and your spouse tried out the alternatives to divorce before taking such a drastic action.

Divorce is Serious. Did You Consider the Alternatives?

Divorce should always be your last resort. If you and your spouse are experiencing a rocky patch – or it feels like more than just another rocky patch – it might be time to take action to repair your marriage before completely cutting ties. Marriage counseling, talking things out, and even interventions in marriages that are strained by substance abuse are all valid techniques to avoid the worst case scenario.

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If a divorce is unavoidable, it’s time to lawyer up. Divorces are never easy, but with the help of an experienced divorce lawyer, you can make sure the whole process goes a bit more smoothly – and you can avoid losing everything in a costly and painful divorce.


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"Words can’t explain how easy my custody process went. Johnathan is extremely helpful with his team, they got back to me right away when I reached out. He was honest about my situation and took care of everything! Proud and glad to have him represent me. I am now reunified with my son after 5 long years!!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"
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