prenup lawyer Syracuse, UT

Prenuptial agreements get a bad rap – we can’t tell you how often our family law attorneys hear, “If I get a prenup, it means I think we’re going to get divorced!” In truth, a prenuptial agreement is a smart estate planning document that protects both spouses if the unthinkable happens. If you have children from another marriage or one spouse-to-be has substantial debt, a prenup can help ensure that each party takes care of their personal responsibilities.

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How Can A Syracuse Prenup Lawyer Help Me?

Your prenuptial lawyer can help protect assets you’ve worked hard to acquire prior to marriage and ensure that your spouse’s personal debt does not unfairly burden you in the event of divorce. Think of a prenuptial agreement in the same way you think about homeowners’ insurance. You’re not planning on your house burning down, but it’s smart to be prepared if the worst happens.

A lawyer can evaluate your current financial situation and your soon-to-be-spouse’s. They’ll look at individual debt and your financial goals and earning potential, as well as consider any inheritances or settlement awards either of you received. Remember that your attorney’s job is protecting your interests and yours alone. While the prenuptial agreement they create will not be overly unfair towards the other person, it will provide the legal protection your attorney believes you deserve.

Protecting Yourself And Your Assets

A prenup may provide consideration for spousal support in the event of divorce and have contingencies to account for one spouse deciding to be a stay-at-home parent. Your lawyer can advise you on what a prenup can do (assign separate property and debt that won’t be divided in divorce) and what it can’t (establish child support or custody).

Prenuptial agreements can also protect your assets and ensure they pass to children from a prior relationship. If you have investment accounts or property you’d prefer to go to your children, then a prenup can help you protect your children and fulfill your obligations to them. An attorney can give you a few scenarios and offer insight to help you make the best decision for your family.

Personalized Prenuptial Agreement Advice

A prenuptial agreement can be as comprehensive as you wish. Some couples may only wish to preserve one or two family heirlooms or an inheritance, while others may have more comprehensive needs, including stipulating conditions for alimony or assigning personal debt to each spouse in the event of divorce. We can help you understand how these legal protections can help you. If the unthinkable happens and you do separate, a prenup makes the division of marital assets and debts as painless as possible. Contact Felt Family Law & Mediation to see how a Syracuse prenup lawyer can help you.